ALPHAPANEL is a SPANISH company with the main objective of innovation, design, development and manufacture of products for thermal / sanitary insulation, particularly in the development of Sandwich Panels with a core of Polyurethane (PUR) and Polyisocyanurate (PIR), both in its range for application in chambers REFRIGERATION, enclosures SANITARIOS, and its application in enclosures FACADES and DECKS.

Furthermore, ALPHAPANEL has in its objectives the design, development and manufacture of all the elements necessary for the assembly of any type of installation in the field of thermal / sanitary insulation using Sandwich Panels, such as profiles built in the same sheet metal as the panels for the finishing work. Concave profiles, angles, "U" profiles, ceiling suspension profiles, etc., insulation plates for floor insulation, as well as complete solutions for any type of application.

ALPHAPANEL has an engineering department that allows us to offer our clients the complete study of any type of installation, both advising on the needs for the execution of the project, as well as carrying out the complete DESPIECE of the necessary panels, hardware, profiles ceiling suspension, etc ..., as well as the realization of the ASSEMBLY DRAWINGS.

ALPHAPANEL thus becomes the PARTNER perfect for our customers to ensure the successful completion of any installation as shown by the number of customers with projects completed with SUCCESS using all our SERVICES.


ALPHA FRIGO COOL ROOM PANELS are designed with unique characteristics on the market that make it the best solution to guarantee thermal and sanitary insulation.

a) Machi-female ground

During the manufacturing process of all sandwich panels, the insulation core (PUR) or (PIR) undergoes an exothermic reaction, that is, it generates heat, this internal heat helps the expansion process of the polyurethane / polyisocyanurate foam until it achieves its design thickness.

Once they have left the injection process, the panels must go through a “cooling” or stabilization process, this process has a temporary duration depending on the thickness of the panel, the higher the thickness, the longer the stabilization time.

During this period the panel remains "alive" in the sense that it is not yet dimensionally stable and therefore the tongue and groove, which is one of the MOST IMPORTANT design elements for the final use of the panel (Thermal Insulation) and therefore main objective to maintain the continuity of the thermal insulation in the joints between panels also suffer during the stabilization process, varying dimensionally.

It is for all of the above so that the panels ALPHA FRIGO are the only ones on the market that go through a process GRINDING of the male-female for ENSURING the perfect fit between panels and ensure continuity of thermal insulation in the joint between panels.